Amazing Health Benefits of Probiotics for Women

Probiotics for women will help you create a healthy and happy you from the inside out. #bellybugsandbliss

There a number of amazing benefits of probiotics for women. When you have problems with your digestive health, you might have heard the word ‘probiotics’ being thrown around. Or maybe you have been on a course of antibiotics and heard your friends and family, say, “Don’t forget to take probiotics”. But what are probiotics and why are they so important for a healthy gut?

How probiotics for women work

Probiotics for women can be found in many foods such as yogurt.

  • Probiotics are yeasts and live bacteria that are very good for you, particularly your gut. In your digestive system, you get good bacteria and bad bacteria and probiotics are the good, helpful bacteria, promising to keep your gut healthy. You will find probiotics in foods and supplements. Every time you eat an organic yogurt, you are eating some probiotics and when you are on those antibiotics, you might have heard your doctor suggest you take yogurt.
  • Did you know that probiotics have actually been in our systems from the day we were born? When a brand new baby is being delivered, it is exposed to its mother’s bacteria in the birth canal. Already this event has started a whole chain of events in the baby’s gastrointestinal tract, and already the baby’s gastrointestinal tract is starting to produce good bacteria.
  • Years ago, when processed foods and fast food joints weren’t the rage, our diets had plenty of probiotics in them. The soil too was clean, fresh, and healthy. The Nobel Prize winner back in the day, the Russian Elie Metchnikoff claimed that a person’s health could be enhanced and any senility delayed by being able to manipulate the intestinal microbiomes with the friendly bacteria that is found in yogurt. But now with modern agricultural and refrigeration methods, a lot of our foods have no probiotics in them at all. The sad thing is that most of the foods eaten today contain some very dangerous antibiotics in them that kill off what good bacteria you have in your body.

Create a healthy probiotic drink for women by making a smoothie.

  • A lot of health issues today, such as inflammation, chronic fatigue, psoriasis, thyroid imbalances, joint pains, and autism have their connections with the way our gut works. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, claim that there are between 60-70 million American people who suffer from digestive diseases. These medical problems cost the US over $100 billion every year. Staggering statistics for sure. Not all realize that poor gut health has been affecting even more numbers than what statistics will say. Digestive health even affects the physiological system of your body.
  • Researchers today are studying probiotics all the time to figure out their benefits in the body and how they really work. The mix of bacteria in your body is unique to you, just like your fingerprint. Your bowel has trillions of microorganisms in it, from over 500 different species. Research indicates that certain strains of probiotics are able to:
    • aid in digestion
    • ease vaginal infections
    • prevent diarrhea
    • prevent autoimmune diseases
    • stave off urinary infections
    • soothe skin ailments

  • Remember though that not everyone will respond in the same way using the same probiotics. Probiotics most commonly used come from two main types:
    • Bifidobacteria: Commonly found in supplements and foods.
    • Lactobacillus: Produces lactase, an enzyme that breaks down the sugar in milk, increasing mineral absorption into the body. There are 6 common strains of probiotics – look out for these names on supplements and food labels.
    • animalis: Helps to aid digestion and to boost the immune system.
    • breve: Fights off bad infection and helps the body to absorb nutrients, breaking down fibers for easy digestion.
    • lactis: Found in raw milk.
    • longum, like an antioxidant, helping to break down carbohydrates.
    • acidophilus: Aids in digestion and fights off vaginal bacteria.
    • reuteri: Able to decrease oral bacteria that causes tooth decay. Also helps the digestive system.
  • If you are not seriously ill or have a compromised immune system, then taking probiotics is fine. Just ask your pharmacist or doctor about the right doses.
  • If you are interested in starting the journey to improved gut health, you might come across bumps in your road to achieve that. It might be because your microbiome is out of balance from the modern lifestyle that you have been used to, in the form of processed foods, insufficient exercise and so forth. Maybe you’ve been on antibiotics lately or eaten many of the modern foods that you think are healthy, but are in fact also filled with antibiotics. Maybe you have been under excessive stress. It could also just be the aging process that is lowering the probiotics in your gut. It means that when you start replenishing the friendly flora in your digestive system with the amazing work of probiotics, your body starts detoxing.

What should one do when experiencing temporary detoxifying effects?

If you do struggle with detoxification effects, don’t let it deter or discourage you. Don’t forget that it’s only a temporary thing, but in any case, there are ways to help your body adjust to your taking probiotics so that you get the full benefits:


  • Drink your water: When you drink plenty of water, you are really doing your body a favor because the water cleanses your body of the toxins and keeps you hydrated. Think about adding some lemon to your water to give it a boost in alkaline to even further remove toxins.

  • Consider lowering your dosage of probiotics: If you feel your temporary detox effects are something you can’t tolerate, think about giving your body a bit of a break to balance itself before continuing – at a lower dosage. Everyone is different and maybe lowering your dose and working up to the normal dose again will make it easier for you to move into the probiotic regimen.

Exercise can help your body find balance and promote a healthy space for good probiotic bacteria to live.

  • Exercise, because our bodies are meant to be active and moving. Living a sedentary lifestyle results in the body not functioning at its utmost, especially when it comes to detoxifying. One of our detoxifying systems, the lymphatic system, needs movement from the body for the lymph fluids to transport toxins and waste from body cells.

Depending on your gut health, replacing bad bacteria in your body with good bacteria gives the body a jolt to the system. Help your body through this process by giving it what it needs, water, exercise, and sleep. Once your good bacteria has settled down in your gut and taking charge of the bad bacteria, you will feel your health rising to new heights!

Formulas of probiotics for women are becoming more and more common. There are brands that are reputable and others that are just garbage. Like any other supplement or product that you consume you should take the time to research and find the quality ones.

Probiotics for women will help you create a healthy and happy you from the inside out. #bellybugsandbliss

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